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how? kemetic calendar & holidays

Hi.  I'm Renee, just-about-26, and a "freelance" kemetic for about three years now.  A little background (you can skip this, if you want, seriously) before my question:  I started out chiefly concerned with and interested in Aset (she was the one who "called me" so to speak) before feeling the other aspects of Netjer.  I gave HoN a shot, but was put off by things such as parent divination, "right" and "wrong" ways to set up a beginner's altar, and, oh, some little bit I heard about staying away from Senut while you're on your period (has anyone else heard this, or was I dreaming?).  I've been berated by those who believe I'm too "white" to be Kemetic (don't even get me started on this.   Racism is a burden of mankind - don't drag Netjer into it).   For now I just pray and meditate on my own.  I listen to Imakhu's Nubia Goddess Rising podcasts - I like that she's Afrocentric without ever sliding into racism, though she is more concerned with initiation than I am.   Lately I've been feeling close to Shu.   That's about it.

Anyway, I've gotten comfortable enough in my spirituality where I'd like to try celebrating (err...more praying and decorating my altar than actually attempting to throw a party for what would be a group of very confused people) to holidays.  However, I know the Kemetic calendar can be a tricky thing, what with New Years falling around August (I think?  Correct me if I'm wrong), and different length weeks and months, meaning holidays aren't on the same day every year.   Is there a site I can visit where this year or days of this year can be translated into what it would correspond in the Kemetic calendar?  Or an actual 2009 Kemetic Calendar I can order that isn't expensive?  I don't know.  It's hard to word this right when I'm not sure what I'm asking, lol.  Also, maybe a list of the "basic" holidays (if there are such thing), and around when they fall.  I know there's the Epagomenal days (July?), the festival of Hathor at Dendera (no idea when this is), and, I think, the mourning of Asar, and forget the others.  Also, maybe some sort of explanation as to how exactly to celebrate?  Arrgh, I know I'm asking a lot;  I just don't know where to start.

I apologize for the messiness of this post.  Also if I wrote anything stupid or offensive, please feel free to let me know - just know it wasn't intentional.

thanks in advance,

- R
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